Projects and Business Systems


At Ingenia, we use sophisticated processes and systems to assure efficient and effective performance.

Project Execution and Process Scale-up
At the corporate level and at our plant sites, process engineers work in concert with the R&D, Manufacturing, Commercial groups, and directly with the customer as needed to deliver effective product and process designs.

Process design work is executed through a project approach that based on direct or indirect customer needs and goals. Our Process engineers help our customers benefit from our wealth of experience and capabilities in design and manufacture to get results that are perfectly matched to your specific formulations and processes.

Project execution, whether internal or in a joint arrangement with the customer, is carried out with creativity, flexibility, speed. For projects that involve transfer of customer information and technology, we control communications and execute work with utmost confidentiality.

We utilize barcodes that fully trace products moving through the buy-make-sell process from cradle-to-grave with absolute precision. Our process control computers control our manufacturing processes with unparalleled accuracy of composition and processing conditions. All process data are accumulated for further analysis and as a basis for continuous improvement. Our statistical systems assist us in data mining and analysis.