Letter From The Founder


Since we started Ingenia in 1986, our company has grown from a single plant in Brantford, Ontario, Canada to the multinational entity it is today. We are very proud of our history and achievements. We are looking forward to the future with optimism.

While a lot of things in the business environment have changed over the years, our core values and principles have remained the same. This constancy of purpose enabled us to take a long-term view in planning and executing. It afforded us stability, predictability, profitability and growth. It helped us overcome challenges. It built reputational equity in the marketplace and the communities in which we operate.

We owe our success and our aspirations for the future to our people who always go above and beyond the job requirements. Our employees come from many backgrounds and have differing experiences, perspectives and skills, yet they are united in the common purpose of making Ingenia an excellent company. Our people define us. Many of our employees have been with us since the beginning. They have grown with us and we have contributed to each other’s successes.

We are indebted to our customers who continue to give us opportunities, encouragement and guidance to improve. We are dedicated in meeting and exceeding their expectations by providing them with quality products and services and working with them in fulfilling their ever evolving needs. Our customers are the reason we exist and they are our fuel for future growth.

We value our suppliers for helping us meet our objectives for growth, profitability and innovation. We are looking forward to further expanding our partnerships and finding ways to together better service our customers.

We are grateful to the communities in which we operate for embracing us and giving us fertile fields to grow. In return, we strive to have a lasting positive impact on them as well.

In these twenty six years we have established a solid platform of people, technologies, relationships and physical assets to build on. Our motto was “One Stop, Full Service for the Petrochemical and Plastics Industry”. Now we are adding the word “Worldwide”. In the last few years we took substantial steps to expand beyond North America.

Our new Saudi plant gives us a strong manufacturing base in the feedstock advantaged GCC region that expands at a rapid pace. The Saudi plant, in addition to serving our customers in GCC allows us to serve the rest of the Middle East, India and South East Asia, North Africa and Europe.

Our specialized materials used in resin production, pressure pipe, rotomolding, flexible packaging and other markets enjoy favorable acceptance and high growth rates all over the world. We are dedicated to expanding our portfolio by offering advanced technical solutions with faultless customer service; creating value.

This growth means that we have solidly adopted our strategy to provide “One Stop, Full Service, Worldwide” to our valued customers.

To be successful, the key strategic parameters have to be favorable. We have a strong and proven business model; capable and committed employees; loyal customers; reliable suppliers and bankers that trust us; and, we operate in supportive communities. That makes a strong formula for future success.

We are optimistic for our future. We will keep on building strong relationships with suppliers, customers and other stakeholders based on honesty, trust and mutual respect. And we will keep on exploring and uncovering new opportunities to enhance our long-term success and the success of our stakeholders.

John Lefas