Vision/Core Values

Our guiding principles today and into our future

Our Vision

More than 25 years ago, our founding vision was to create a world-class company with industry leading performance, employing highly talented and motivated people and being a responsible corporate citizen. Since then, Ingenia Polymers, with its diverse group of people, has developed a record of excellent service, high growth and reliability in our industry. Today and into the future, we seek to leverage our commitment to quality, specialized technical service and proactive customer service approach to continue to grow and succeed in the global marketplace.

Core Values

Since our inception, Ingenia Polymers has lived by the following set of values, which have shaped our culture and the way in which we do business.


Safety has priority over all our activities. We value our people and strive on providing them with a safe, healthy and secure work environment. We are committed in protecting their health and safety.


We are committed to high ethical standards and respect for people. We value our corporate reputation and we strive to be socially responsible in all our business practices.

Customer Focus

Proactive and continuous customer focus is paramount in all our activities and interactions. We are dedicated to providing solutions to our customers and to continuously exceed their expectations.


At all levels, functions and activities we foster a spirit of common purpose, collaboration and mutual respect while we encourage personal creativity.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

A strong entrepreneurial spirit has been a driving force at Ingenia. By being agile, flexible, creative and proactive we contribute to our company’s success,

Proactive and continuous customer focus is paramount in all our activities and interactions