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Ingenia is a “world class” company looking for people that have the passion to lead, desire to grow, and ability to create and deliver solutions for our customers. We offer an environment that is innovative, diverse, intellectually stimulating, and unique. With Ingenia, you career path will be rich and varied. We offer endless possibilities as we continue to increase our global footprint. Come make an impact with us and together we will leave our imprint on the world.

At Ingenia we are seeking candidates that fit our strategic goals. Our ideal candidate is an individual that has entrepreneurial drive and compassion, is competitive, smart, has solid skills and that will support departmental growth and/or sustainability of established objectives. We are continually searching from entry level hires to seasoned professionals in the areas of production, research, technology, science, engineering, administrative, sales and management. If you, or someone you know, want a challenging and exciting career, join an “ingenious” company like “Ingenia” by applying to any of the openings for which you are qualified listed on our career center.

In your professional life you will always be faced with difficult decisions. When everything equals out and you wonder which way to turn, always do what’s right. It satisfies most of the people and astonishes the rest. Come astonish us!

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