Ingenia Superblend™

The right solution for your processing challenges

Ingenia Superblend™ technologies are specifically engineered to enhance your operational efficiency – improving the handling, quality and EH&S (environmental, health and safety) performance of your finishing operations. Ingenia Superblend™ allow for ultra-high concentrations of various additives including UVs, slip agents, antioxidants, processing aids, antistats, nucleating agents, clarifiers and other adjuvants. These additives are conveniently formulated into uniformly pelletized compounds featuring active ingredients from 50%-100%.

Using proprietary, industry-leading technology, Ingenia Polymers produces four types of Ingenia Superblend™ technologies to meet the formulation requirements demanded by your application.

Ingenia Superblend™ (Type A) High Activity Concentrate

An ultra-high concentration pelletized blend composed of 50%+ active ingredients in a polymer-based carrier. With its superior resistance to hydrolysis, Type A is the form of choice for difficult to disperse additives or complicated transfer conditions. It can be loaded into hopper cars and moved in traditional air conveying systems.

Ingenia Superblend™ (Type B) Prill

Melt Formulated ‘Pastille’ Blend of 100% additives prepared by proprietary process. A robust method to add sophisticated additive formulations in an encapsulated form.

Ingenia Superblend™ (Type C) Compact

Compressed 100% low-dusting additive blend prepared by compaction technology. A flexible method to add advanced or simple additive formulations.

Ingenia Superblend™ (Type D) Pellet

100% active, non-dusting additive blends with all the advantages of the Ingenia Superblend™ Prill but in pellet form for difficult additive formulations and special addition needs.



Summary of physical form attributes:   dot_poor poor   dot_good good   dot_better better   dot_best best

Powder Blend Type A Type B Type C Type D
Active Concentration 100% 50-90% 100% 100% 100%
Low Dusting dot_poor dot_best dot_best dot_better dot_best
Free Flowing dot_good dot_best dot_best dot_best dot_best
Fixed Ratio dot_good dot_best dot_best dot_best dot_best
Friability dot_good dot_best dot_best dot_better dot_better
Dispersion dot_good dot_best dot_best dot_better dot_best
Heat History dot_best dot_better dot_better dot_best dot_better
Water Sorption dot_poor dot_best dot_better dot_poor dot_better
Additive Effectiveness dot_good dot_best dot_better dot_good dot_better